Les Trois Graces Portant l’Amour Sevres Circa 1770
Les Trois Graces Portant l’Amour
Circa 1770
Biscuit porcelain
Height 10 ½ inches / 26.7 cm
Inventory number: SevFig_0003

Incised cursive letter B on base, for Jean-Jacques Bachelier (active 1751 – 57 and 1766 – 73)

This pair of scantily clad women carrying Cupid on their shoulders while holding a flower garland or grapevine with grapes that wraps around the whole group relates to a design by Francois Boucher.

The artist’s drawing was then translated into three-dimensional figures by the factory’s sculptor Louis-Simon Boizot (1701 – 1782) in 1768. (Boizot was later appointed artistic director of the sculpture studio.)

One group of these biscuit statues is in the collection of the Hillwood Museum, Washington DC United States. The Cameo Service made for Catherine II of Russia in 1778 – 79 included three mythological groups possibly after Boucher.

One part of the ensemble designed by Boizot was called Les Trois Graces portant l’Amour, and this seems to correspond with the Hillwood group.

Another identical group of Graces is in the collection of the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg Russia.