Meissen Four Seasons “Winter” Meissen Germany Circa 1860-1880
Meissen Four Seasons “Winter”
Circa 1860-1880
Meissen Germany
29/30 cm
Inventory number: MFSW_0385

After the original model by Johann Friedrich Eberlein between 1740 -1745. Height : 28 – 29 cm

Four Meissen porcelain figures “The Four Seasons”.

Four allegorical figures on Rococo style gilt bases.

The female figure of Spring holds a daffodil to her nose.

The female figure of Summer holds a sickle and wheat sheaves in her hands.

The young Bacchus representing Autumn is shown before a barrel eating grapes.

The older, male figure of Winter Wears a thick fur and stands shivering by a fire.

One of the greatest sources of inspiration for early Meissen porcelain figures was provided by the works created by the baroque sculptor Balthasar Permoser for the Saxon court as of 1689. This series of the four seasons is also based on one of his prototypes, namely, the famous ivory sculptures carved between 1685 and 1690 which are today kept in the green vault in Dresden. This set of figures presumably formed the basis for the attributes and poses of the four seasons series produced by the manufactory until the 1760s, when they were remodeled by Friedrich Elias Meyer.

Literature :

For the story behind the figures, cf.: cat. Balthasar Permoser hat’s Gemacht, Dresden 2001, no. 18 (the ivory figures in the green vault) and no. 33 (Eberlein’s figure of autumn, the white figure from the porcelain collection, formed 1765).