AN INTERIOR, DRESDEN Anna Rosenkrantz 1906
Anna Rosenkrantz (Denmark 1864 - 1923)
Oil on canvas board
12 x 9.50 inches, 30.5 x 24.1cm
Inventory number: AR_001

Signed and dated “ANN ROSENKRANTZ DRESDEN 1906.” at the lower left.

This is a quiet, intimate interior view of a room with nicely handpicked pieces of furniture, decorative arts and a painting of a king hung on the blue fabric wall. The gold-plated clock on the cupboard tells it is 1:3, vacant, serene afternoon hours. It is well accented with the gold of the clock, frame of the painting, wall sculptures and an open pedestal at the very corner and the upholstery of raspberry pink on a white French Louis armchair in the blue background. The painting is signed and dated “ANN ROSENKRANTZ DRESDEN 1906.” at the lower left.

The subject of Rosenkratnz’s work is mostly interior of a home or church, no humans featured, just furniture, sculptures, paintings and decorative objects are recorded in her painting. She composed her works very similarly, situating a corner of the room at the one third division of a horizontal composition of a painting. The rest, two thirds either has an open or closed glass window or a closed wall such as this painting, yet it still has a reflection of natural light coming through a window assumably located across from the wall.