VASSALS GOING TO MEET THEIR LORD; AND A LORD VISITING HIS VASSALS (LEFT PANEL) Attributed to Marc Baets Antwerp, active early 18th century
Antwerp, active early 18th century
Attributed to Marc Baets
Oil on canvas, a pair
26 ¼ x 32 inches, 66.5 x 81.4 cm
Inventory number: MB_001 (left panel)

Provenance: with Laugiers Soeurs, Biarritz, by 1930, where purchased by Senator and Mrs. Simon Guggenheim, New York, by whom gifted to the Denver Art Museum, 1962.

Marc Baets known for Dutch village scenes, river landscapes, Also known for his small sized oil paintings. Making his landscape paintings as a pair, it certainly creates a panoramic view that is almost theatrical and a pastoral vista.

The genre painting features villagers engaging their daily activities such as unloading bags from a boat and traveling in a wagon. It is a serene painting with the effect of the sun light gently radiates behind the very left tree reflecting on the surface of the river that makes the scene tranquil, which assumedly late morning of a day. The painting on the right has more light on the foreground where the lord of the clan is and the leaves of the tall tree on the right. The light follows as the lord on the white horse enters the scene, indicating the higher rank of his position.

In the left painting, behind the crowd of vassals is the house of the lord separated from the more densely built houses in the village in the right painting.

Beats is known for smaller scale oil paintings. This attributed work to him is bigger than them, supposedly the work commissioned by the wealthy client in that period.